Soluzioni per l' ambiente

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soluzioni per l'ambiente
soluzioni per l'ambiente

Full compliance with the strict environmental standards, has become a determining factor in the design and construction of treatment systems and disposal fumes EAF furnaces. New and innovative technologies have been developed. These systems implement environmental solutions that fully meet the needs of operations (high power energy, minimal hazardous organic emissions, recycling of dust, as the volume of gas generated quadrant loading and tapping).
You get clean gases with content below 10 mg / Nm3 with the use of efficient dust filtration techniques. The processing of steel powders can be effectively and profitably recycled. only reliable and proven components are provided.

main benefits

  • Modular design based on the use of proven components
  • dynamic models and simulation tools for design
  • reduced need of energy for the flue system
  • reduced maintenance and less labor intensive
  • Compliance with the strictest parameters for VOC emissions and dioxin
  • Concentration of dust emitted below 10 mg / Nm3
  • economic tested solutions for the recycling of powders

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