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progettazione tetto forni
progettazione tetto per forni

To be successful in dell'aciaio market today is necessary that a manufacturer optimize the production constantly and costs. The continuous development of tecnolgia, machinery and systems means that with a relatively low investment, can be achieved important results in respect of plant performance and flexibility
of production. The presented technology offers a significant range of tailored solutions that improve the difficult operating conditions of the electric steel. All the components and provided systems are designed to be durable, easy to use, have low maintenance costs compared to a low purchasing cost.

Furnace Shell

  • Upper Semitino interchangeably
  • Reduced intake of false air through the sealed cage and purpose designed panels.
  • Special panels designed for adhesion of the slag and copper cake with finned tubes
  • Water cooled panels, as close as possible to the bath to reduce the consumption of the refractory. copper cooling blocks mounted in the cutting zone of the slag.


  • The supply of all tapping systems
  • Opening of the casting hole with horizontal drawer
  • 100% without tapping slag (with Fast)
  • automatic filling system of the tap-hole, repairing the tap-hole during casting (with Fast)

EAF superstructure, Volta and Tube

  • Self-supporting roof with tubular panels or mono panel
  • Curve in time with the traditional system of elements connected in series
  • excellent accessibility and easy and quick change from time and electrodes
  • elevation system of compact time and integrated into the portal (patented)

Bracci elettrocondutivi in rame e acciaio

bracci elettroconduttivi
bracci elettroconduttivi rame e acciaio

Since 1984 we have provided about 250 EAFS some of which are still in operation, with a potential conductive arms zero.Nei current furnaces continues a high power is ensured with a small pitch diameter and with excellent electrical symmetry of the three phases.

Improved productivity due to a higher power
lower resistance, reactance and impudence regulated
Excellent symmetry and arc stability
of reduced pitch diameter to a minimum to a lower consumption of refractory
High rigidity of the arms to a greater vibration-free adjustment speed
effective cooling and insulation of the arms
Assembly dustproof
cooling spray of integrated electrodes

EAF upgrade Solutions
All to existing arc furnaces can be raised to UHP EAF or Shaft with all the attendant benefits of the most modern and current technologies.

Support and guidance of the electrodes
Designed for a high adjustment speed
Structure of rigid, welded box-bunk
Castle self-centered with the guidance system in prismatic rollers
Excellent adjustment of the roller bearing, good accessibility and easy maintenance of all parties.

main benefits
5-10% increase dl active power with the same power supplied time
Low investment costs and short installation times through the maximum use of existing instrumentation. Greater savings and increased productivity.

raising Performance
Raising the limits
For Existing EAF furnace, the productivity and the specific need of energy constitute the limit, the furnace efficiency may be increased by using an innovative power technology-based oxygen and carbon. Our company provides full range of solutions for increased performance including, burners, for the post-combustion optimization systems, decarburisation, carburization and formation of foamy slag and the time lying down associated technical operations.

oxygen management
The oxygen management solutions, allow improved converters and EAF to combine in a single process. All the necessary equipment, systems and operational knowledge are provided to raise the injection process to the highest efficiency levels.
The productivity is raised through combined injection of coal and oxygen, even higher than 45 Nm3 / t.
Through the technical knowledge, you can get an energy-saving, and thermal and metallurgical processes are optimized for better preheating, smelting and refining.
The aforementioned management system can be applied to the DRI / HBI and operations of the molten metal loading with benefits to the quality of the steel and savings or money.

Tecnologie di processo - Dove l’innovazione incontra l’esperienza

tecnologie di processo

Our company provides the complete range of supersonic lance cooled
water, for the injection of oxygen and carbon in the arc furnace.
Conventional lances are mounted on a manipulator and the oven door is open
during injection.
In modern EAF injection, the oven door is closed during the power-on-time.
This is made possible using the innovative Refining Combined Burners (RCB).

Refining Combined Burners
The new Refining Combined Burners is all-in-one, fully automated, one
versatile tool installed as a single panel on the side of the oven near the bathroom
liquid. This system allows to burn both the oxygen injector that coal that
the burner in a single system. Cold parts of the furnace are averted
optimization of the unit RCB position.

main benefits

  • heat cycle sped up by 20%
  • Increased flexibility of the system to an obvious cost cutting
  • Lower energy consumption, electrodes etc ..
  • foamy residue to less use of energy and a longer life of the refractory
  • Best temperature uniformity of the casting
  • computer control of management for performance optimization
  • Reduced maintenance costs and manpower required
  • dust recycling to a higher production and lower disposal costs

Automazione - Versatile, Flessibile, Intelligente

We are in a position to guarantee the Level I and II of automation to improve plant performance, high quality and low costs, as evidenced by hundreds of steel mills in the world.


  • Modular design, expandable, upgradeable and user-friendly
  • advanced solutions for new plants or existing
  • optimized and customized processes
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics

main benefits

  • standardized production operations
  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Reduce the time tap-to-tap
  • Circumvention of peak rates
  • Reduction of the alloy consumption, return on investment in a shorter period

PC Lab (Material Balance)
Determination of load materials and quantities
Calculation of costs of load materials
Calculation of the amount of power for continuous charging (HBI-DRI)

PC Power Demand
Monitor for on-line determination of the energy consumption
Recommendation on operational procedures to avoid peaks and high tariffs

PC Refine (ladle furnace)
Calculation of additions of ferroalloys based on the desired analysis
Determination of the amount of desulphurising agents
Calculation of the necessary additions to the formation of slag

PC Burn (EAF)
Calculation of the necessary additions of carbon and oxygen based on the need to process
and the desired carbon content in the bath

PC Vac (secondary metallurgy)
cyclic calculation with graphical representation of H, NO and C in the bathroom
Anticipation of the completion of the casting according to the operating values ​​and objectives
Proper coordination between secondary metallurgy treatment and continuous casting

PC Meld (EAF)
Cyclical calculation of:
Energy spent in the bathroom
Bath temperature
Residual electricity needs
Remaining time power-on

Sistema di controllo Elettrodi - Electrocode Control System

sistema di controllo elettrodi

The system of control electrodes supports several control systems such as the regulation of
impedance, resistance, and voltage dell'arco.Un additional loop is provided for a dynamic
automatic activation of the set point to reach established arc and supply of power controlled. The control module helps to compensate for the resulting change in rising and lowering movements. For LF applications provide an anti-resonance device to counter the possible harmonic oscillations on the surface of the refractory bathroom.

Optimization system
The available system contributes to energy savings and a better seal protection in the oven and in the vault. The cooling water of the panels and of the time, the total harmonic distortion, the placement of columns and flicker are taken into account. The system reduces the arc dispersion in hot spots by changing their setting values. To compensate for the Influence of the other two electrodes, also the setting of these is changed. many different
Melting diagrams are considered.

Components and functions

A transducer collects the TRMS values ​​of current and voltage, as well as the active power, taking into account the shape of the signal. The man-machine interface (HMI) provides excellent support for the start-up, optimization and maintenance. With the help of various screens, the system is completely transparent, providing a guide to the information you want. An automated casting system monitors the transformer and the tap-charger in accordance with the merger plan keeping in mind the dynamic influences of time, energy and THD.

main benefits
energy savings through:

  • Multiple regulating systems
  • automatic optimization of the set-point
  • Control not linerare behavior
  • Reducing the risk of hot spots and saving sprayed masses through:
  • the furnace heat balance
  • Multiple casting patterns
  • Full of transformer and reactor control taps
  • dynamic adaptation of the arc length:
  • built-in flicker elimination

Senior tools:
start-up support and commissioning

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