The key points of the company:

  • To listen
  • Understand
  • Design
  • respect
  • To grow up
  • Compete
  • Exceed

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Thermomelt Ltd. specializes Nellla design, construction and turnkey delivery of EAF-EBT arc furnace. Located in the province of Brescia Pian Camuno, Thermomelt has extended its reach around the world. The company combines many years of experience in the field of steel, continuous research to be able to design cutting-edge systems. The successes make Thermomelt a reference company in the steel sector.


Full compliance with the strict environmental standards, has become a determining factor in the design and construction of treatment systems and disposal fumes EAF furnaces. New and innovative technologies have been developed. These systems implement environmental solutions that fully meet the needs of operations (high power energy, minimal hazardous organic emissions, recycling of dust, as the volume of gas generated during charging and tapping).


To be successful in the field of iron and steel today, a manufacturer needs to constantly optimize production and processing costs. The continuous development of technologies, tools and systems makes it possible that with a relatively low investment, can be achieved more results in compliance with the limits of the system and
production flexibility.


To be successful in dell'aciaio market today is necessary that a manufacturer continuously optimize the production and the related costs. The continuous development of tecnolgia, machinery and systems means that with a relatively low investment, can be achieved important results in respect of plant performance and production flexibility. The presented technology offers a significant range of tailored solutions for improvement
for difficult operating conditions of the electric steel. All the components and provided systems are designed to be durable, easy to use, have low maintenance costs compared to a low purchasing cost.
The performance and the "life" of a plant are closely linked to investments in maintenance and services, in order to ensure continuous improvements to the performance and the conversion costs.


Thermomelt is SBM partners and IRFI spa that over the years they have performed various jobs including about two hundred of the semitino cooling systems once, thirty crucibles for complete ovens and furnaces for clients such as Techint SpA, Danieli SpA (SMS Demag ).

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